Spending Time in the Most Profitable Way

Maybe some of you are wondering why I involved myself into online marketing business as sideline or part-time job while I’m earning and loving my full-time job. Aside from killing time from boredom after work at night, waiting for my girlfriend after her work hours, and getting nothing from browsing various with-sense and non-sense FB posts from hundreds of acquaintances and friends, bad news on the web about corruption and such, and other things I no longer find interesting; or it’s just me getting bored of myself? 😀 I thought of doing something that could benefit me and people around me, something which some people – single, in a relationship, complicated, married, separated and so on – can relate to.

People struggle to make ends meet (of course including me because this is my idea [but if you are filthy rich :D, never mind reading this post :D]), such as budgeting carefully to make finances enough to buy food every day, monthly electricity and water bills, rentals, groceries, medicines, name it there are a lot and wants, wants – which of course, admit it, we would also desire to have. Handling my own finances is a struggle. How much more for people who have their own family to feed? You need to have extra income so as not to disappoint your basic needs and your lifestyle as well.

So I thought of joining SWA or Supreme Wealth Alliance, I have seen this before on social networking sites but I find this recently interesting from an officemate. However before joining this, I googled what this thing is all about. Is it legit, recognised or profitable? I discovered that the founder is a native and a marketing strategist from Cebu whose aim is to uplift the lives of ordinary people by teaching them how to earn money with little capital and resources. The business is legal since it is registered under IBC  or International Business Company in Belize, Central America.

Anyway, the system works by investing in a library of e-books, audio-video tutorials, graphics and other digital learning materials amounting to 2,500 pesos. Once you have purchased and invested in this library and had your account activated, tada! you can start your own business. Regardless what your educational background is or qualifications, experience, social status, unemployed or not, anyone can join.

Before using your Facebook, what you need to do is simple – familiarise their system. To do this, you have to watch their set of videos, most of which are hosted by top earners. Here, you can explore their tips and strategies why they earned that much. In fact, in the group’s page, there were six (6) people indicated who became millionaires. But of course, hardwork, time, patience and other values come with it – essential things to make your business work.

What members are required to do to make their venture running through Facebook are to post and share catchy statuses or photos about SWA and invite people to join.  You can make your own status too if you think your strategy is more effective, no need to worry about where to find and how to make photos, a link where you can find a database of pics provided, as well as you can have your own website where your referrals can have the option to pay.

How can SWA help you earn extra income thru your FB? Can you make more profits out of the amount you invested?  Uhm, I do not want to spoil your excitement but I’ve written a lot now 😀 Just watch this video (Tagalog version http://www.swabeteamaces.com/ or the English version http://www.youtube.com/watch?hl=en&gl=AE&client=mv-google&rl=yes&v=66aapuRhNCE&feature=related) so you can fully understand what I’m talking about here. Do not hesitate to text, send me a message and ask me anything about it. ’aight?

Hope this article helps for those who want to get ideas on how to uplift their lives a little, earn extra money and do something profitable. Just like me. 🙂